Progress Post: 6

infogrpahic final

Progress Post: 6

4 thoughts on “Progress Post: 6

  1. This is awesome! I thought it was a model infographic that you were basing yours off when I first saw it. You’ve got a really original idea that immediately caught my attention. The colours look great together and it is really visually appealing. The layout is simple and easy to read and this makes for a good infographic. The only thing that can be a little hard to read is the orange text against the greenish background. The social media aspect is easy to relate to and the well-known brand symbols were well executed! 🙂


  2. Hey Bella! I agree with Lucy – You have a very original idea and it also caught my attention. Who knew orange and green would look good together! I like your colour scheme heaps! But I also think that the orange text on a green background makes it difficult to read. However, so far so good!


  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the colour scheme, it’s so eye-catching and bright, it gives off a fun/happy kind of atmosphere! You’ve used great, simple images that convey your information without cluttering up the page! I especially like the percentages, they look much more interesting like that than a boring old graph. The orange font is my only criticism! I do agree that is a little hard to read. Otherwise this a wonderful infographic! 🙂


  4. Great idea and execution Isabella! I like the idea in general and your bold use of colors, it really makes your infographic pop! I agree with others that the orange font is a little difficult to read but other than that great work! 🙂


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